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Monumo’s unique combination of simulation, ML, AI and motor design technology allows us to create next generation EV motor systems that are beyond human ability.

Monumo can now optimise motor systems faster and better than any other company and we’re only just getting started... By running over 2,000,000 simulations a day, we’re creating disruptive motor system designs that are highly improbable to conceive by conventional means.

In the EV market, we are working to:

  • deliver optimal motor system designs for electric vehicles of all kinds
  • remove the need to use rare earth magnets
  • reduce weight, cost and materials for the same performance
  • improve recyclability
  • achieve high efficiency at across drive cycles all operational speeds both low and high speeds
  • solve the problem of overheating

And our optimisation technology roadmap is just as exciting. If you can imagine it, we’re probably already working on it. Monumo’s system is already generating technologies that are beyond our imagination and conventional wisdom.

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