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The future of engineering

Introducing Anser®

The most capable multi-physics, deeptech engine designed to deliver radical engineering solutions

Machine learning friendly, the Anser engine is highly scalable, runs at incredible speeds, and is capable of examining the design space like never before.

Our ability to run large volumes of simulations, combined with our optimisation intelligence, enables us to explore highly complex design spaces and find unintuitive, yet optimal designs.

Read about Anser in detail
Read about Anser

As fast as the blink of an eye

The Anser engine can run millions of simulations a day, thanks to a highly parallel architecture and flexible cloud deployment. This unprecedented speed allows us to generate the large volumes of data needed by Machine Learning (ML) and explore previously unimagined design solutions.

Built with ML at its core

Our simulator is written with modern Machine Learning (ML) in mind. Carefully crafted data and compute APIs enable efficient data storage, ML training, and usage of ML models to speed up the simulation and optimisation process, in ways simply not possible before.

Capable of improving complex engineering systems

Optimising all key components of the EV powertrain and creating a library of valuable motor system designs is just the start. As the Anser engine grows more and more capable, it will allow us to rethink the way we solve many of the world’s most significant engineering problems.

Going beyond human ability

LLMs (Large Language Models) drive today’s AI models to mimic human ability with words and pictures. Tomorrow, LEMs (Large Engineering Models) will create engineering solutions that surpass anything humans have previously achieved. Our ability to run and store large volumes of simulations, combined with our optimisation intelligence, means that we are already on the way to building these highly valuable data sets and train new models.

Our LEM blog post

Listen to Jaroslaw Rzepecki, CTO at Monumo

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