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Born from a desire to drive the world to a sustainable future

Our mission is to improve the efficiency of motor systems in a way that has never been possible before, and in doing so, help all of us use precious resources in a more sustainable way.

Electric motors use 50% of the world’s electricity

Let’s make them better

We have brought together engineers, data scientists, physicists, deeptech experts and entrepreneurs who believe in the journey of electrification, whilst at the same time developing more sustainable technologies to help achieve it.

Listen to Dominic Vergine, CEO at Monumo

50% of Monumo’s employees have PhDs and are domain experts.


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EVs and beyond

EVs are just the starting point of our desire to help move the planet to a more sustainable future. The Anser® engine can, in time, create better system level engineering designs across a plethora of markets and tackle problems long considered too complex.

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