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The McKinsey AI roundtable event

12 December 2023

Earlier this month, Monumo was invited to the Generative AI roundtable organised by global consulting powerhouse, McKinsey & Company, where we shared our insights on using Generative AI for creating new electric motor designs.

The McKinsey AI roundtable event

At Monumo, we believe that Machine Learning and AI (or what some will call Deeptech) will redefine the way in which motors are conceived, and that AI generated motors will outperform today's best-in-class designs. The two main advantages of an AI-centric approach are that we can:

  • perform system-level design in a way that was previously impossible; where all the components of the drivetrain are optimised simultaneously, rather than individually; and
  • that our proprietary technology allows us to explore much larger design spaces – literally millions of simulations run every 24 hours, to find not just better design, but the best that the laws of physics will allow.

Possibly in opposition to mainstream usage of generative AI today, where output is consumed by humans, our AI output is designed to be consumed by computers until an optimal design has been evolved and can be shown to human engineers. We see Generative AI as a key component to discover the underlying structure that underpins large design spaces. Our fellow panellists congratulated Monumo on this approach - far removed from the usual LLM AI applications and possibly much more valuable.

Why valuable? Not only do better electric motors offer industries such as automotive a competitive advantage, they also currently consume 50% of global electricity and this figure is rising as we move towards decarbonising the world. Given their significance in creating a sustainable future, electric motors really do need to be the very best they can.

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