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William Gallafent

Principal Software Engineer

I feel privileged and honoured to have the opportunity to join and work with the enormously capable multidisciplinary team at Monumo, where there is always more to learn and more to contribute. At a time in which it is utterly vital that humanity makes a rapid transition away from fossil energy, electrifying everything is the only game in town in so many fields. Optimising the motors (and generators) in sectors such as transport (and energy supply), as well as those used in industry, and in business and domestic contexts, is absolutely central to that endeavour ... and that's just the start. The work we do here is challenging, important, complex, and fascinating, and I'm looking forward to being a part of solving the biggest challenge we have ever faced.

Bill has always sought to use his background of an education in physics and computation to work at the intersection of innovation, experimentation, and utility. His subsequent career as a software engineer has consequently traversed applications from optimising physical rigid body simulation to ultra-low temperature refrigeration control and data acquisition, by way of image analysis and processing, transport ticketing, super-resolution microscopy, and carbon footprint calculation, amongst other things!