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Simon Shepherd

Head of Hardware Development

Many aspects of Monumo appeal to me: the culture, the diverse background of the team and the opportunity to explore applications of generative AI technology in engineering.

Simon arrives at Monumo, with over 20 years of experience in the automotive sector. Having held senior engineering roles at Ricardo and Drive System Design, Simon recently helped Coventry University establish a leading centre for propulsion development at the Centre for Advanced Low Carbon propulsion (C-ALPS), a joint venture with the global engineering company FEV.

Simon enjoys working with multi-disciplinary teams to develop emerging & novel technologies. Some of his favourite projects include the Bugatti Veyron Hypercar powertrain, supersonic flywheel kinetic energy recovery and an engine with an electrical actuated valvetrain. Balancing an engineering career with a lively family is often challenging, helped by the distraction of adventure sports like triathlon and trail running.