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Pip Infanti

Operations Manager

With teamwork and trust at its core, Monumo is a breath of fresh air for me as a mother to two small children. We're building a culture where we feel valued and trusted to do what is needed, whether that's working from home, in the office, or around our children's commitments. I feel privileged to work with some of the greatest minds in the industry, tackling seriously difficult problems for the benefit of us all.

Pip uses her proactive organisational skills and creative mind to think on her feet and set the processes of the business to future proof it ready for Monumo's inevitable growth. Working in a number of start-ups throughout her career she thrives off the variety of her day to day which allows her to work across all departments and with every member of the team. She very much sees herself as a facilitator, bringing considered order to the workplace enabling the wider team to do what they do best.

Her competitive nature only really shows itself in sports, mainly triathlon, and cycling in particular, where she pushes herself to the best of her ability.