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Michal Smalera

Development Engineer

I'm a strong believer in the sentence 'the future depends on what you do today' - with my best achievement to date being becoming a father to my son, I believe my work at Monumo goes some way to making a difference for generations to come. The reputation of the company and its founders are what attracted me to Monumo and I look forward to my skills being a positive addition to the team.

Michal has sixteen years of working with electronic devices in his portfolio, from CRT monitors up to recent STM32F7 series processors and FPGA chips.

His capabilities lie in Altium, KiCad for electronics, and Solidworks and python for scripting and support development with MatLab.

Much of his experience comes from the medical industry, working in a highly regulated environment.

A technically orientated man with many DIY skills, and a big determination to improve the world.