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Mi Tang PhD

Senior Motor Simulation Research Engineer

As a motor control researcher and engineer, my tasks are often to develop control algorithms for making full use of the ready designed electrical machines and power electronics, and to push the given hardware’s boundaries for the highest possible performance. With the ever-increasing demand of reducing emissions, I am happy to find out that control engineers have been given opportunities to be involved in the design of electrical machines and power converters at early stage, to propose novel optimal designs at the system level with the help of AI techniques. Monumo is at the frontline of this great transition, and I am glad to join Monumo on this journey.

Dr. Mi Tang received her M.Sc. degree in electrical engineering and Ph.D. degree in electrical and electronic engineering from the University of Nottingham, Nottingham, U.K., in 2012 and 2017, respectively. After graduation, she has been working as a research fellow with the Power Electronics, Machine and Control Group, University of Nottingham, Nottingham, U.K. for 5 years. Her expertise includes repetitive control, deadbeat control, and fault-tolerant control of electrical drives, especially to develop control algorithms for reducing ripple or harmonics associated with drives and grid. She has published 14 journal papers and 20+ conference papers. She has been awarded the “2020 third prize paper award” by the Industrial Power Converter Committee of the IEEE industry applications society. She starts to serve as the associate editor for IEEE transactions on Industry Applications from March 2022.