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Leigh-Anna Aylett

Head of Brand Design

Joining Monumo presents an exciting opportunity to immerse myself in a cutting-edge environment. With my background in crafting brand identities and a passion for the tech sector, Monumo provides the ideal canvas to contribute my expertise. The prospect of being part of a forward-thinking team, shaping brand narratives, and exploring the intersection of creativity and technology makes joining Monumo a compelling step towards a dynamic and fulfilling career.

I have navigated through the realm of the high-tech industry, leaving my mark by shaping the brand identity of a Cambridge startup into a global brand and overseeing creative endeavours. My creative interests extend beyond the office, with my work showcased in galleries and competitions. Fuelled by a passion for both the brand and the dynamic tech sector, I hopefully bring a unique blend of creativity and tech-savvy insights to Monumo.