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Kevin Bersch, PhD

Senior Software Engineer

I have been working in the electrical machines sector for almost 7 years now, and I am surprised by how manual the design process still is. Cloud computing offers virtually unlimited computational resources, but the recent developments in Machine Learning/AI (and even optimisation procedures that have been around for a long time) are not properly integrated into the design process. In practice, there are usually regular meetings where engineers decide (often based on experience) what design iterations to run next. In my opinion, this approach is not suitable to achieve truly innovative design solutions. I see working for Monumo as an opportunity to utilise the incredible technical capabilities that now exist to develop truly innovative designs that can achieve a step change in electrical machine performance, which is necessary if we want to limit global warming.

Kevin did his BSc/MSc in Germany in Mechanical Engineering and Business Administration, but realised pretty quickly that he enjoyed the engineering side much more. He completed his PhD at the University of Nottingham working on the thermal optimisation of an electrical generator. After which he worked at the Rolls Royce Gas Turbine and Transmissions Research Centre for 6 months before joining a small consultancy working on the thermal design of electrical machines, where he got a lot more involved in the software development and cloud computing side of things and found that he really enjoyed it.

In his free time Kevin enjoys being outside and active. He plays football on a regular basis and has done a couple of triathlons. Having a young son keeps him pretty busy too!