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Eva Knight

Senior Software Engineer

I joined Monumo for the wide variety of challenges across a broad range of fields (eg, physics, AI, software engineering, microcontroller programming and electrical engineering) and I feel that the mission of Monumo to optimize the energy use of electric motors has a large capacity to make a positive impact for the environment. The idea of working on such interesting and impactful projects is extremely motivating and I feel it will provide me with a lot of personal growth as an engineer as well as the opportunity to contribute value towards the company.

Throughout Eva's higher education she studied a range of software engineering subjects from low level silicon design, up to Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Computing, culminating in a Master of Engineering Computer Science degree at York with a specialization in AI. Her master's thesis being on optimizing room-scale VR. Her career since graduation has been working on a variety of projects including videogames, financial fraud prevention tech and cloud-based industrial design platforms.