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Alexey Kostin, PhD

Principal Engineer

In 1821 Michael Faraday demonstrated the world's first electric motor. Now, 200 years later we are very dependent on this discovery. It is enough to say that an average UK household has probably a dozen different electric motors. In the industry they are indispensable. Despite the advances in the technology there is still a huge scope for improvement. I am very excited to join the team of top experts in different areas who combine skills in creating the technology which is driving the design of electric motors to the next level. I was especially attracted by the use of AI as a tool which in this case brings undoubtful benefit to the world community

Alexey worked in the fields of computer telephony, seismic data processing, sport video annotation, face recognition and object detection. In the past gained substantial experience with Neural Networks.

As Principal Engineer Alexey brings extensive skills in the design of data processing algorithms and knowledge of how to make these algorithms usable in production. His experience in software design, optimisation and debugging will be of assistance to the whole team.