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Monumo was born from a desire to move the world to a sustainable future.

Electric motors currently consume half of the world’s electricity; our mission is to improve the efficiency of these motors in a way that has never been possible before and in doing so help all of us use precious resources in a more sustainable way.

We have brought together engineers, data scientists, physicists, deep-tech experts and entrepreneurs who believe in the journey of electrification, whilst at the same time developing more sustainable technologies to help achieve it.

Hear first hand from our CEO, Dominic Vergine

The leadership team

  • The team is led by CEO & Founder Dominic Vergine, serial entrepreneur and former VP Sustainability at Arm.
  • The Board is chaired by Martin Frost, former CEO and co-founder of CMR Surgical.
  • Supported by a management team and board with experience from senior positions at Microsoft Research, Arm, McLaren and In-Q-tel.

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  • Curious

    Monumo’s culture is both open-minded and inquisitive, striving to remove bias from every aspect of our business, our thinking and our technology. Have we asked the right questions? How much better could it be? Is there another way to look at this? What if…?

  • Different

    Monumo celebrates diversity in all things… Every individual here makes up the core strength of Monumo – a diverse approach, a diversity of skills, expertise, backgrounds, outlooks, ways of working and personalities. The Monumo team are all different but we are driven by our common purpose; to uncover solutions to the challenge of decarbonisation and building a sustainable future.

  • Responsible

    We are driven by our purpose: to move the world to a sustainable future by using deeptech to create the world’s best electric motors. When it comes to the work each of us does - its contribution and impact - we encourage autonomy, and that comes with obligations too. Responsibility, accountability, and a duty of care are pre-requisites to the contribution we make and the impact we have, collectively and individually.

  • Determined

    Fuelled by our desire to break new ground and motivated by the relevance and complexity of the challenge ahead, there is a palpable determination in our growing team. It’s the rare combination of talent, creativity and meaningful purpose that makes Monumo a special place to work.