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Monumo intends to remove some of the root causes of the problems faced by current motor designs, bringing the best of each of the current designs into a single unit whilst adding some new and advantageous characteristics.

Listen to our CEO, Dominic, talk about Monumo’s founding purpose.

Our vision

A sustainable world enabled through optimal engineering

Our mission

To benefit everyone through Monumo's optimal electric motor and energy generation technologies

Our values

Our values are intended to define the company we wish to become, to help us achieve Monumo’s mission and to move closer to our vision

Our team

Our team has created multiple businesses, patents and scientific/engineering successes in their careers.

We started with a blank sheet of paper (well whiteboard actually) and a team of engineers and scientists with diverse backgrounds and relevant expertise. We looked at where the existing problems in motors emanate from. We explored what can be done with deep tech approaches that wouldn’t have been possible even 2 years ago.

We began to design the processing power capabilities of semiconductors into every aspect of motors instead of bolting them on as an afterthought. We explored the full range of potential analysis tools from motor simulation technology to how deep-tech can add insight and deliver innovations out of reach through conventional means.

In the process of all this exploration and fresh thinking, we developed new IP and began to design out some of the legacy problems with electric motor technology.

Our engineering has focused on:

  • Delivering an optimal motor design for electric vehicles of all kinds
  • Removing the need to use rare earth magnets
  • Reducing weight, cost and materials for the same performance
  • Improving recyclability
  • Achieving high efficiency at across drive cycles all operational speeds both low and high speeds
  • Solving the problem of overheating

Working for Monumo, in whatever capacity, we know we’re all making an impact – both individually and as a team. We’re given the autonomy to perform our roles, and we genuinely want to do this to the best of our abilities. There’s no hierarchy, just a collective determination and drive to get the work done in a way that allows us a healthy work and home life balance.

Pip Infanti, Operations Manager

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Our values

  • Curious

    Human invention has for too long been over shadowed by environmental destruction. Now the purpose of human invention must be to restore balance. The spirit of enquiry is essential to innovation and should be our guide. Add to that a measure of urgency and our senses should at all times be on full alert. Have we asked the right questions? Are we listening to the alternatives? How much better could it be? Is there another way to look at this? What if…?

  • Different

    Diversity in all things is a core strength and an instinct. We welcome the widest range of ideas—of skills, of expertise, of background, of thought, and ways of operating. We know we must break down barriers and go beyond convention if we are to uncover solutions to the greatest challenge the world has ever faced. Broader perspectives and a different approach are the only way – and we love different. Difference is interesting, different is fun. Difference requires respect and being open to listen to others. Every individual here makes up the sum of our parts – a diverse approach, a diversity of skills, expertise, backgrounds, outlooks, ways of working and personalities. All very different but driven by our common purpose.

  • Responsible

    We are driven by our purpose: to reduce society’s impact on the climate by realising engineering out of reach by conventional means. As we go beyond convention to uncover new ways and find new answers, we are acutely aware of the responsibility this brings. Balancing pioneering venture with progress for a greater good requires perspective and accountability. When it comes to the work each of us does—its contribution and impact—we encourage autonomy, and that comes with obligations too. We owe a duty of care to the company we keep. Responsibility and accountability are pre-requisites to the contribution we make and the impact we have, collectively and individually.

  • Determined

    Fuelled by our desire to break new ground and motivated by the relevance and complexity of the challenge, there is a palpable determination in our growing team. It is an uplifting characteristic of Monumo—tireless in pursuit, unerring in focus, but always balanced. We should recognise that drive comes in different forms – sometimes in quiet autonomy, other times with expressive enthusiasm, always with purpose.

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