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New tools are needed to decouple continuing human progress from increasing carbon emissions and the destruction of global resources

Dominic Vergine, CEO

If there is to be any further progress for humanity, the climate crisis is the urgent challenge that we must solve. And the latest deep tech tools, properly applied, will help us overcome and then reverse climate change.

But despite the ever-increasing power of the tools at our disposal we are yet to realise their potential in shifting the status quo, challenging assumptions and helping us innovate and improve technologies much more rapidly and fundamentally.

When something so vital has remained fundamentally unchanged for over 100 years, it’s time to take another look. With fresh eyes.

The trajectory of human understanding and progress has historically been traced by a closely corresponding trajectory of consumption of resources and emission of carbon. If this continues, human progress will eventually come to a full stop.

People are now in possession of the most powerful tools that have ever existed. By several orders of magnitude. We must put these tools to the best use we can. We must use AI and deep tech to decouple human progress from carbon emissions and the destruction of our world. Monumo intends to make a start.

Progress v Carbon
Analogue Era

Engineers invent and develop designs reliant on individual effort and inspiration

Digital Age

Engineers improve designs with computer assistance enhanced by power, speed and accuracy of technology

Age of AI

Technology optimises designs with engineers’ assistance

Our Vision

AI can help decouple human progress from increasing emissions and resource consumption. It can find optimal solutions that could take centuries for humans to develop, if ever.


Deep tech tools enable us to overcome the limitations of established practice. New methodologies open the door to disruptive design ideas highly improbable by conventional means.

Taking aim at the electric motor—an increasingly vital technology—we’re drawing on the expertise of a multidisciplinary team and using deep tech to challenge accepted ideas.

This is essential because the designs we need for the future demand fundamental differences from those of the past. They must not only perform better, and use power much more efficiently, but be made from fewer and more sustainable materials.

The complexity of the challenge requires a new approach that builds on the interplay of different areas of expertise. Instead of simply combining our knowledge, we are harmonising across specialist domains of engineers, physicists, and computer scientists, and using deep tech tools to drive new answers.

  • Future Engineering

    All aspects of engineering will change in the next few decades. It will be changed by two main drivers: sustainability and AI. Carbon reduction, material use and recyclability will become a central driver in design and engineering. AI will start to change our lives much more visibly - moving from data analysis to optimising physical, engineered products. Monumo represents the future of engineering

  • Electric Motors

    Today electric motors use around half of all electricity generated. Ensuring their efficiency is now more critical than ever as the world moves to clean energy generation and the electrification of every sector. And yet most motors today would have been recognisable to Nikola Tesla a century ago. Optimise them, and we’ve moved society towards a more sustainable future. Monumo believes there is great scope to optimize electromagnetic machines.

  • Electrification

    The world is electrifying. We now need technologies that reduce the cost of electric transportation and power generation. The environmental cost as well as the financial cost. To make them accessible to everyone they need to be as efficient as possible by every measure. Monumo is looking at total system efficiency.

  • Sustainability

    Today’s dominant motor designs are unsustainable. As demand for electric transportation grows, the current use of rare earth and unrecyclable materials and designs cannot last. They must be designed out and performance must be maintained or improved. Monumo is replacing toxicity with recyclability.