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Senior Motor Simulation Research Engineer

Salary £60k - £80k

What are the responsibilities of a Motor Simulation Research Engineer?
You will be responsible for running simulations of novel designs of electric motors to inform the team about most promising development directions. You will need to evaluate and use different available simulation solutions, identify their potential applications to the challenges we are solving and advise the team about how to best utilise them. Your experience will also have a significant impact on the direction of development of our own in-house simulation pipeline. You will need to keep up to date with the latest research in electric motors and take active part in our design process. You will work closely with other team members including software engineers, physicists and hardware designers.

What you’ll bring that we will value

Below are some of the skills and motivations we’re looking for in this role. Don’t worry if you don’t tick all of them! More important is your willingness to grow, be flexible and learn new things.

Knowledge and Skills

  • 3+ years of experience with motor simulation software (Ansys, Moto Cad, Flux, etc…)
  • Good understanding of physics involved in electric motors
  • Practical knowledge of motor design pipelines
  • Scripting

If you have any of these, that would be great ….

  • In-depth knowledge of Ansys electric motor simulation (Motor CAD, Maxwell, OptiSLang)
  • Developing software simulators (e.g. physics engines, scientific simulators)
  • Python
  • Knowledge or desire to learn some ML techniques
  • Linux scripting experience
  • Scientific computation

You will thrive in our team if you are motivated by:

  • Solving real world technical problems by being open minded and using interdisciplinary thinking
  • Learning new things and technologies – expanding your mindset and professional growth
  • Sharing ideas about how we can do things better
  • Having autonomy as well as collaborating with team members from different backgrounds (machine learning, physics, engineering)
  • Working in a dynamic environment
  • Passion for developing a purpose-driven business that will make a difference in people's lives.